Unvaccinated Employee Risk Assessments

We supply a software TOOL to help you perform a detailed risk assessment for roles performed by unvaccinated employees.

Our team can also do the evaluation for you.


The Dilemma!

Certain work can only carried out by vaccinated workers.

The content of this site is focussed on OTHER workers, not mandated to be vaccinated.

Employers can also require other work to be done by a vaccinated employee, if a risk assessment identifies this is necessary for work health and safety purposes. That may be the case where the nature of the work itself raises the risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission above the risk faced outside work.

Your focus in the risk assessment must be on the role – the work being done – rather than the individual performing the role. If you want your employees to be vaccinated for reasons other than work health and safety that is an employment matter.”  Worksafe NZ

The dilemma here is a company needs its employees to perform their role to ensure the successful operation of the business.
However, Covid in the workplace makes this complicated.
Can a task continue to be performed by an unvaccinated person in a safe manner?

The question to consider with any risk is: “Can it be ELIMINATED or only MINIMISED?”

If it can’t be eliminated, then what can we do to reduce the level of risk posed by an unvaccinated employee?

If it can’t be eliminated OR minimised, it must STOP and be removed completely.

Options include: Use the person in a different role, put additional physical barriers in place, place the employee on special leave.

If no suitable risk minimising strategy can be put in place, the business is left no option but to terminate the employment agreement.

Therefore, our expectation is that to decide whether work requires a vaccinated employee: 

  • you carry out an adequate risk assessment, and
  • engage effectively with workers and their representatives.  ”  Worksafe NZ

Our system helps you perform the risk assessment for each role.

Pricing options

How can you achieve this?

This is a developing situation. The following are steps that need to be performed:

  • Policy – What is your company policy relating to Covid-19 vaccinations and working with Covid-19 hazards and consequences.
  • Registers – Record who is vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Risk assessments – Perform a risk assessment on each ROLE within your company operations
  • Risk control – How will things get done safely? Can an unvaccinated person still perform a task without potentially affecting the health of other?
  • Evaluation – Consider the criteria supplied by Worksafe NZ on rating the risks level of a specific role.
  • SWP – Prepare Safe Work Procedures for each role. Update them regularly as the situation develops

Some FAQs:

There is no ‘Right or wrong’ but rather ‘basic or thorough’.  A risk assessment is a logical process. Consider each action performed by an employer in a ROLE. List each step and analyse the possible risk of exposure to other people. Then you can work out what to do about it.

As always, follow procedure correctly.

“Where a business or service can demonstrate it has done this (followed stated procedures), we will not take prosecution action if we disagree with the decisions you made in your risk assessment.”  WorksafeNZ

Yes.  The software is laid out in a logical format, which allows any person to follow the steps.

The system is flexible and allows you to add, delete, and change the order.

You can also easily update as roles or activities change.

Definitely!  The system is originally designed for people like you. It includes a comprehensive SMS Safety Management System covering a wide range of topics.
For more information, go here:  www.safetymanagementsystem.co.nz .  You will however need the PRO option, as it allows for setting up for multiple clients.

They will change!
We update the system all the time. The system is also designed to be highly flexible.

Yes. We have a team experienced and qualified health and safety personnel, wo offer the service of preparing risk assessments for clients. POA. Send us an email or give us a call.

The basic version (most common) option is computer based (desktop and laptop).

If you need:
Multiple users
Shared data
Multiple user input
Multiple location access

The we have online options. Contact us for more detail.

We do it using SOFTWARE!

The SMS Safety Software system is suitable for any business entity.

The Covid-19 Risk evaluation is actually only a small part of a SMS Safety Management System.

The Safety Management Systems is included FREE with your order.

There are a wide range of documents to cover all needs.
The system has been created specifically for New Zealand businesses.
An international version is also available.

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