Covid risk assessment software.

Includes a detailed Safety Management System – FREE.

Single or Multiple company options available.


Setup Service

We offer the service of setting up dedicated risk assessments for clients.

Please contact us for a quote.

Prices may vary depending on the role.  (Generally $250 per assessment)

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Option 1

Software download –
Single company

Most popular option!

Small to medium company/contractor.
Direct download.
Windows 11
Simple setup
Unlimited workers

Free support

NZ$790 per year


Option 2

Online – Multi-user

Single company trading name

Most versatile….

Small to medium company/contractor.
Online access from any computer
Windows or Mac
PDF or Print

Free support

$1490 per year**


Option 3

PRO Version

Multiple trading name

Business opportunity

For doing other company assessments.

PC or Web browser options.

All sections included.
SSSP Section included.
Includes full SMS software
Includes SSSP System

Free support.

$1790 – $2790 per year**


**Renew is optional. A reminder will be sent to you 14 days before expiry, with a renewal discount offer.

Are you setting up as a Health and Safety Specialist?

QSafe PRO will allow you to setup systems for other companies.

You can edit and update online and ensure your clients safety documentation is always up to date.